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Association related downloads Download
Association statutes (in revision-process)
German, Englisch, Mongolian
Extract from the register of associations of the German branch office
German, Englisch, Mongolisch
Extract from the register of associations of the Mongolian head office
German, Englisch, Mongolian
        association logo (with white background) click
        association logo (without background) click
        association logo (as vector graphic svg. File) click
Association song “Let’s love nature and the earth” mp3-File
Association-presentation German, Englisch, Mongolian
Downloads from external sources
“Trees and shrubs of Mongolia” by the author Manfred Vesper. German, Englisch, Mongolian
Guide to planting and creating a nursery German, Englisch, Mongolian
Price list of cooperating nursery “Nogoon kharsh green castle LLc” German, Englisch, Mongolian
State Office for Industrial Vocational Promotion in Developing Countries Berlin – Incident report 21.04.2019 bis 05.05.2019 German, Englisch, Mongolian
Senior Expert Service – Graduate forester Manfred Vesper – Incident report 2015 / 2016 German, Englisch, Mongolian
Mongolian plants collection (Herbarium of the University of Greifswald; Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) German; Englisch, Mongolian, pdf
United Nations REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Programme in Mongolia click;
wiki REDD; wiki REDD+
Dissertation Daniel Wyss – Forest Management in Mongolia German, Englisch, Mongolian


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