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The non-profit association “Association World Garden of Trees in Zaamar / Mongolia e.V.
was registered on 06.11.2012 at the local court in Berlin (Charlottenburg) in Germany.
It was established as the German branch of the Mongolian association “Дэлхийн цэцэрлэгт хүрээлэн монголд” in English “Worldgarden in Mongolia”, which was founded on 05.12.2011 in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

The main objective of the branch office of the association at that time was
to publicise the consequences of gold mining in the Zaamar region (Mongolia) in Europe as a strong gold trading centre and to renaturate Zaamar by means of a concept developed by experts (mongolian-dl, english-dl).

Due to various failures of various kinds, however, this project was halted until further notice. The association strives to transparently uncover the causes which led to the failure of the project and continuously contributes these experiences to subsequent projects. The former website still bears witness to this part of the association’s history and will therefore – in the near future – be archived as project documentation.

Currently the German branch of the association is working – despite the local distance – on the project of reforestation of the Bayanzurkh-Mountain near the capital Ulan Bator (Mongolia).

The German branch office uses for this purpose among other things:

– publicity actions / activities such as
the translation into Mongolian of the German book “Das geheime Leben der Bäume” (2018),
the translation into Mongolian of the German film “Unser Wald – Das Grüne Wunder” (2019),
the release of the Worldgardenmongolia video documentary on Vimeo and youtube with subtitles (2019),
the operation of Facebook pages for information purposes of nature and environmental protection

– Donation calls like e.g.
via the international platform “Plant for the Planet” (
via the Facebook pages ( and
via the website

– and many more …

The head office of the association (World Garden Mongolia) in Mongolia uses the donations for the procurement of seedlings at the tree nursery Nogoon kharsh green castle LLc ( In addition, the head office organizes the planting for local and tourist visitor groups and collects additional donations from them. Furthermore, the head office organises publicity campaigns to draw attention to more environmental protection and nature conservation and to communicate the main purpose of the association – reforestation – in a communicative way. For this purpose, special reference is made to the project at Bayanzurkh-mountain.

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