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assets and factors of production

In the classical economic view, the property or assets of the association represent the factors of production (capital, labour, land). With these production factors the association can provide its services. In the area of capital the donations of the supporters are at the disposal of the association, in the area of work the honorary activity of the association members as well as the voluntary work of the supporters and in the area of soil all equipment such as the irrigation system but of course also the soil and water of the Bayanzurkh Mountain (no association property) itself. In order to fulfil its purpose (reforestation), the association also makes use of infrastructure such as IT hardware, software and transport facilities, which are the property of the respective supporter and are not listed below.

The association tries with all its strength to handle responsibly, effectively and efficiently with the available above mentioned means.

In the following the equipment of the association (status 2020) is listed:

object purchase price in local currency
fence posts
9.450.000 MNT
fence wire
360.000 MNT
8.200.000 MNT
3.500.000 MNT
watertank 2
Donation from
irrigation system
2.100.000 MNT
200.000 MNT
4.000.000 MNT
700.000 MNT
total amount 28.510.000 MNT


Further procurements are planned in the areas of safety and child friendliness.

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