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The above diagram with the attached table shows at first glance that the internal activities of the association can be divided into 3 categories (management tasks, main tasks, support tasks).

  • the management tasks guide and direct the activities of the association and are the responsibility of the association’s board of directors. They have a direct effect on the main tasks.
  • the main task is tree planting and care
  • supporting tasks ensure the smooth running of the main task and, like the management tasks, have a direct impact on the main task

In addition to the internal activities of the association, there are also external factors which can impair or promote the work of the association. These include the requirements of state authorities, private companies such as suppliers and civil society actors such as our supporters. The association must be aware of these requirements and orientate its activities and operations accordingly.

Once the trees have been planted and are cared for by the association team and active supporters, the association is constantly and at all times concerned with the satisfaction of the above-mentioned actors.

  • the supporters are satisfied, among other things, when they see their own planted trees grow healthily
  • the suppliers are satisfied, among other things, if they were paid on time and the association purchases their products and services again
  • the authorities are satisfied, among other things, if the previously discussed and defined conditions are met at all times

To this end, the association tries to compare the requirements of the various actors mentioned above with characteristics that can be used to assess whether the respective requirements are or have been met. In the case of tree health, these characteristics refer, for example, to the growth of the tree (measured in cm per year), the budding (measured in number of buds in the spring, etc.). In this way the association ensures that measurable parameters are available for the evaluation of the association’s success.

Who does what?
The table “tasks overview” clearly regulates the areas of responsibility of each individual member of the association, so that the valuable work is used efficiently.

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